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Google Ads course

Welcome to Petter Digital,

My name is Petter Larsen and I am thrilled to have you here.

I love working in the search engine marketing space.

Over the years I have helped over 40 companies with growing through search engine advertising.

Everything from startups, SMBs to multinationals in 17 different verticals, 3 continents, 4 languages, and over 10 markets.

The monthly spend varied from $100 to $120 000 USD.

Guess what?

I do not care about your spend. The fundamentals are the same.

The Google Ads course is created by a person that is actually working daily hands-on in the Google Ads interface.

I do not do this for earning big bucks, I do it for myself!

All I care about is sharing my insights and knowledge to aspiring digital marketers.

I have created a course where I share all the knowledge I have obtained over the years.

My hourly rate was $155 USD per hour on the agency side but my course cost 15$ for the first 100 course attendees

About the course

Search Engine Marketing really works doing it the right way.

But you need to learn it the right way (which I did straight out of graduate school, thanks Erik).

If doing SEM right, you will turn your business or client business into a money machine.

But I take times, passion and hands-on experience.

Up for the challenge?

I have created the most advanced course on Search Engine Marketing I have ever seen.

23 chapters, 40 lectures, and 5 hours of video (on demand!).

in addition to learning the theory, you will have to do hands-on work in this course.

I am all about transparency. I share my successes and failures.

Taking the course will make your skills valuable for agencies, in-house departments and the go-to-person for paid search in your organization. This course is also a perfect fit for business owners, freelancers, and students.

Thus this course will take your skills from beginner to an expert for only $15!

I hope I see you on the course!

Happy Searching!

Petter Larsen