About us

Petterdigital was founded in Barcelona, Spain in 2019 by Petter Larsen, as he wanted to use his digital marketing expertise in exchange for pocket change on top of the  9 to 5-day job. He quickly realises that by having his own company, he also would become a better performance marketer in his day job as well as helping companies grow through paid advertising.
For the first couple of years, we were helping local businesses and agencies. Since then, Petterdigital moved away from Spain to London, UK, and we now have two offices across both UK and US covering EMEA, Americas and APAC.
We now specialise in helping SaaS companies grow through paid advertising. What’s different from most of the other agencies is that we only get paid per performance (ie. cost per lead, cost per revenue) which is a win-win situation for us and our partners. 

That means that we are incentivised to do the best work for our partners and the partner is only charged if we are generating value for the business.