Grow Your Solar Businesses With Paid Advertising

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Grow Brand Exposure


Grow Lead Volume 


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How can we help you grow your Solar business with paid advertising?

Paid Search

We help you generate high quality, high intent leads through paid search from prospects only interested in your business.

Paid Social

Laser target your prospects through LinkedIn, Meta and TikTok Ads.


Building brand awareness on a global scale through paid social channels such as YouTube, TikTok and Meta Ads.


Generate high quality leads from cold, warm and hot display activities.

Creatives & Copy

Our in-house AI-driven ad software generate text, banner & video ads with higher CTR & ROI.

Tracking and Implementation

Setting up tags so we can measure the success of performance marketing activities -- so you can see positive ROI.

How we increase Leads, Sales, Revenue, AOV and LTV for your Solar Energy Business

Global Performance Marketing Team

Acting as a catalyst to your org, you will have your own global paid media team working hard to push your goals every day. Your team comprises a Performance Lead, Performance Marketer, Copywriter, Implementation Analyst, and Developer.

On-going Performance Marketing Management

Ask any questions to your designated team of experts regarding paid media acquisition and get real-time answers and feedback over email & slack. We’ll have a monthly 1-hour video call reviewing performance against key metrics month over month as well as understand the goals for the upcoming month.

Improve client delivery and client retention

We have white-labelled PPC for Solar businesses since 2018 and none of the churns has been because of our delivery/execution.

Copywriting that converts for Solar Energy - for both B2B & B2C

When working with us, you will have your own copywriter at your disposal across all marketing channels.

Tracking and Implementation

Getting traffic to your global site will not yield the impact you are looking for if we cannot prove the value we bring to your business. When we kick off our partnership, our Lead Conversion Rate Specialist will set up tags across channels so we are able to provide the insights that matter most with you and understand the value each month!

Conversion Rate Optimization

We will be focusing on driving conversions that matter to your business that actually can be measurable (MQL, SQL, ROI etc.). Therefore, we are making suggestions on how you can improve conversion rates across the funnel from visitors to lead and final conversion. We have a growing database of learnings and benchmark data from global and national brands across home services.

6 reasons to select Pettedigital as your Paid Media Agency

Solar Energy PPC Expert

We do lead generation through paid media for solar businesses; 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Performance-based Pricing

We do not believe in big retainers, we believe in getting rewarded for the performance we deliver our clients.

Small Team, Big Impact

We are a little team that delivers the results of a big agency or in-house paid media team with the cost of one employee.

Native channel specialists on-demand

We do have the paid media acquisition expertise in-house but when it comes to ad copy localisation, we use talented native channel specialists.

Exclusive Partnership

We do offer exclusive partnerships for companies in the same niche operating in the same market.

No Fixed-contract

We do not believe in fixed 12 months contracts, if you are happy with us, we will be right there with you-- like our other clients have!




Paid Search Lead, GroupM

Petter Digital has been working with GroupM for a couple of years and we are extremely delighted and satisfied with his work. He is efficient and hard-working. With Petter’s work we have been able to achieve great results and exceeded the clients’ expectations and KPI’s. Petter has been involved with national as well as international clients and from his well-structured work and real passion for digital marketing, GroupM and our clients are very happy with the results and performance.



CEO @ eclincher

We have worked with Petterdigital for over a year now and we’re really happy with the results. Lately, we are seeing a ROAS (Return of Ad Spend) of 17x from non-branded keywords on Google Ads and we are now looking to use them across other paid channels.


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